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ZacKia supplies jewelry

ZacKia supplies jewelry picture

ZacKia is also looking for opportunity to become a future supplier locally and internationally 

I am from Cape Town but source unique, beautiful jewelry and various other items from overseas by engaging with various suppliers to find the best quality at the best prices. Prices vary depending on quantity and quality. 

What I do is….

Shop online for the lowest cost on the item you are interested in. The costs I quote you are per item, including shipping and customs. If you from Cape Town only and store is registered, the first order will be purchased by me to gain your trust and build a good business relationship via agreement. You pay me the full total of order, when order is delivered. With your next order 50% will be required in advance and 50% when order is delivered.

The only catch is WAITING PERIOD from 30 – 60 days or even less.

If you have read thus far, thank you for your time and visiting my website

Enjoy shopping!

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