18k gold plated Non-tarnish & Hypoallergenic


Glacier eyebrow soap pallet picture

This pallet includes a brush. Water is added to the brush that is rubbed in the soap, then apply upward strokes to the eyebrow giving it a fuller and…

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Crystal creamy highlighter picture

This highlighter is for the body but we advice to mix a drop into your daily moisturizer for that extra shine. It fits all skin tones giving your skin that natural glow

Real needle derma roller 0.5mm picture

Package includes:

1x derma roller

1x derma roller cap

Rustic rollup lip liner picture

This lipliner is one colour fits all

Dynasty set eyeliner & lipgloss picture

Crystal eyeliner is a 2 in 1 Black liquid eyeliner and self-adhesive for you fake eyelashes. Quick to use and not easily removed unless removed with any oil based product + Clear lipgloss

Royal cosmetic bag picture

Material: Black velvet and waterproof lining with gold embroidery and  coin tag zip

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